A Letter From Lori,

Founder of Fems For Change



It was February 2016. I was vacationing at a ski lodge, but my mind drifted to what was going on back home: the presidential campaign and all it's contested issues. I felt alone, surrounded by those who supported policies that divided, discriminated, and kept people down. I was never really an activist before, but this election felt different. I felt had to do something. I grabbed a piece of paper and started listing neighbors, friends, family, fellow parents, community volunteers - anyone I could think of who might share my beliefs, ideals and moral compass. When I got home, I wrote a letter to everyone on the list, asking them if they shared my vision for our future. Some people didn't respond. Some people flat out told me "no." But then people started to say "yes." We met up over coffee and at my dining room table, and from those initial meetings came the workforce for the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign, which turned into "Fems for Dems." After the presidential election, we were disappointed in the results, but we knew we couldn't lose the passion and momentum we'd created. So, we decided to form a non-partisan, not-for-profit group to continue to encourage women to use their political voices, and that's how Fems for Change was born.

If you are reading this letter from me, I want to say thank you. We now have more than 1,100 members since that fateful night in February, where one small insignificant action - something I thought I was just doing within my own inner circle - has swelled into a momentum of support. We have met and recruited more amazing women than I can count. We have formed partnerships and allies and right now, in this very moment, we are working our very hardest to fight every day for the values that this country was founded upon, a country we all so dearly love.

Welcome to Fems for Change. Take a look around, and I hope you can join us. 

Lori Goldman